Why Buy Genuine Volkswagen Parts

Why Buy Genuine VW Parts

Your Volkswagen was built to last, and the best way to keep it running its best is with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. When the time comes to service your vehicle, there are several strong reasons why you should only buy genuine VW parts.

First, what can you trust more than parts made by the automakers themselves? These components are the real thing: designed and manufactured by the same people who built the original pieces when your vehicle was assembled. They’re engineered to fit precisely and operate seamlessly with all of the parts and components surrounding them. Genuine Volkswagen parts maintain the value of the vehicle and never compromise its functions.

Authentic Parts Are Worth It

Competing manufacturers of aftermarket parts make it tempting to choose them, with their lower prices and convenient Internet availability. But you’re also tempting fate by taking the chance that those often-cheaper components won’t be as reliable once they’re installed under your hood. And that’s if they even fit – because not every non-VW part is going to. If they don’t, you run another risk that you won’t be able to get a refund from the vendor or manufacturer who sourced it. There may not even be warranty coverage. When you come to the Service Department at Balise Volkswagen in West Warwick, you can have complete peace of mind that the parts that come across our counter will be authentic, 100 percent compatible, and fully functional in your VW.

This is significant not just for internal working parts, but for body panels and other such pieces that would be replaced during auto body work. Case in point: a body panel not made by Volkswagen may not fit precisely and could diminish the vehicle’s future valuation. Worse, a critical part such as a side panel or hood might not have been manufactured with the same integrity in terms of protection, e.g., the crumple zones that protect occupants in a collision. Your VW service department will also stock the most current versions of a given part, which can be important if improvements have been made along the way.

All of the above extends to your choice of service centers: an authorized dealership or an independent shop. After all, the latter has no obligation to use genuine VW parts to repair your beloved Jetta, Golf, Tiguan, or Atlas. At Balise VW, you’ll always get the real thing: genuine VW parts backed by Volkswagen and installed by the factory-trained service technicians who know your vehicle better than anyone. Why buy genuine VW parts? Because your vehicle deserves only the best.