Volkswagen Oil Change

Your Volkswagen’s oil change is a simple yet crucial service for keeping it running at its best for many years. Clean oil provides lubrication for engine parts and absorbs the heat created by friction within the engine, extending engine life. These service visits also give your VW technician the chance to inspect the vehicle for any issues that may be developing, potentially nipping them in the bud before larger repairs are needed.

You can schedule your VW’s oil change individually or combine it with other maintenance like tire rotations and tune-ups. Volkswagen recommends the use of synthetic oil, especially for diesel engines and any newer model. It has a thinner consistency than traditional oil and stays cleaner, providing better lubrication through the valves and other components and allowing the engine to run better.

Volkswagen Oil Change Service Intervals

Gone are the days of changing your oil every 3,000 miles. Today’s cars are built more efficiently, with oil changes needed far less often – every 6,000 to 10,000 miles. See your owner’s manual or ask your VW service technician for the recommended oil change interval for your year and model vehicle. If you drive a below-average amount each year, especially if you drive only short distances at a time, it’s a good idea to have the oil changed according to months rather than miles. Every six months is recommended in that case. Vehicles that tow trailers or operate in temperature extremes may also need more frequent oil changes.

Although your VW’s oil change is among the lowest-cost services you can have done, it is all-important to the well-being and long life of the vehicle. Balise Volkswagen regularly runs service specials to save you money on this and other crucial maintenance. Call 401-347-1692 today, or use our Online Service Scheduler to make your appointment.