Volkswagen Tiguan Maintenance Schedule


When you bring your 2019 Tiguan in for its scheduled service, our factory-trained, Volkswagen-certified technicians will perform a thorough inspection of its systems and overall condition. Under the hood, they’ll look at the hoses, belts, wires, and fluid levels. Around the wheels, they’ll check the tires for wear, pressure, and balance, after which they’ll check the brake pads, rotors, and calipers. Then they’ll make sure that the exhaust system, transmission, and suspension components are functioning well and in good condition.




10,000-Mile Intervals

Your Tiguan’s most common scheduled service visits will be based around a tire rotation and an oil change, consisting of replacement of the engine oil, oil filter, and oil pan plug. It’s recommended that this be done every 10,000 miles, and slightly more often if you drive frequently in severe weather (hot or cold), stop-and-go traffic, or other higher-stress conditions. The Volkswagen technicians at Balise VW will use synthetic oil, as recommended, and genuine VW parts.

A few items will be added to the checklist at your 20,000-mile service visit. The cabin air filter will be replaced, and in-depth inspections will be done on the tires, battery, and brakes. For your 30,000-mile inspection, pencil in a little more time, as the technicians will need to look closely at a few more areas under the hood and around the vehicle’s exterior. During these important appointments, they’ll monitor everything from the drive components to the windshield wipers. For instance, they will inspect the electrical system and check the level of the power steering fluid as well as performing the remaining dozens of tasks on the routine safety inspection.

60,000 Miles and Beyond

At later intervals of 10,000 miles, the techs will take care of a few more items to keep your Tiguan in great shape so that you can enjoy many years of driving it. At 60,000 miles, it’s time for a tune-up, including new spark plugs. If you have a 4MOTION model, this is also the time to change the AWD oil to keep that system properly lubricated. These items will be repeated at your 120,000-mile service interval.

By keeping this simple schedule of service visits, you’ll be rewarded with a long life for your Tiguan. It will also give the VW technicians a chance to spot any developing mechanical issues so that they can be taken care of before they escalate into more extensive repairs.