Volkswagen Passat Maintenance Schedule



To make sure your 2019 Passat gets what it needs to stay on the road for many dependable years, it’s essential that you keep up with regular maintenance. To help you understand what should be serviced and when, Volkswagen has laid out a convenient maintenance schedule that lists the various services recommended at specified mileage intervals. Some services will be minor but will need to be checked more frequently, whereas other more major ones won’t need to be checked until further down the road. Your Passat is also equipped with a service interval reminder light, which will illuminate to remind you to make your appointment. This reminder will be reset by the technician at each visit.


10,000-Mile Intervals

The most basic services will occur when your Passat reaches 10,000 miles, and then every 10,000 miles thereafter. These services will include an oil and filter change, a tire rotation, and an inspection on the front and rear brake pads to check for signs of wear. These services will be checked again once the odometer reaches 20,000 miles.


20,000- and 40,000-Mile Intervals

Your Passat will get a more in-depth inspection at this point, along with the services mentioned above. Once 20,000 miles is reached, the VW technician will check the battery along with checkups on brake fluid and coolant levels, engine components, drive shafts, and tires. On top of that, your service technician will check to see if a tire pressure monitoring system needs to be recalibrated.

The same services will be repeated at 40,000 miles, along with filter and spark plug replacement and an inspection on the ball joints, wheel bearings, axles, coupling rods, and stabilizer bushings. The brakes, as well as the underbody trim panels, will be checked for developing issues, as will the lighting system and windows.


60,000- and 80,000-Mile Intervals

At 60,000 miles it’s time to replace your Passat’s air cleaner, along with the service items from the 40,000-mile service. At 80,000 miles, the automatic transaxle fluid and filter are ready for replacement, and every service that took place up to this point will be taken care of as well. After this 80K mark, you’ll just repeat the regular maintenance based on the intervals followed to this point.