Used Volkswagen Beetle




The iconic Beetle is a modern throwback that’s loved by people all over the world for its unique and timeless style. There’s a nostalgic feel to this car that comes not just from driving it, but simply looking at it. That’s why it was such sad news when Volkswagen announced it would discontinue the Beetle after the 2019 model year. That somber event happened in July 2019, when the final Beetle rolled off the production line in Mexico (that Denim Blue-painted coupe is now ensconced in a museum). Soon, the only VW Beetle you’ll be able to buy is a used one – and really, that’s not a bad thing at all.


Why Choose a Used VW Beetle?

The most appealing reason to buy a used car is the amount of money that you’ll save. For those who need a car but don’t want to break the bank, a used car makes total sense. In fact, brand-new cars can end up costing much more than people may realize, not just with the higher purchase price but the higher taxes and insurance premiums. You can look for a fully loaded Beetle just a couple years old for less than a base-model 2019 Beetle. The lower costs alone are enough to justify purchasing a used Beetle, but there are other advantages you should consider as well.

Other Advantages of Buying a Used VW Beetle

This storied German automaker has been producing Beetles since 1938, so they know a thing or two about creating a car that with great longevity – and that has only improved with the profound advancements in vehicle technology and engineering in recent years. This is one of those cars you’ll commonly see in a wide range of ages – although it’s not always easy to guess the model year, since there have been just three generations with little change throughout each. Especially in the summer, it’s common to see antique VW Bugs cruising to the beach or taking their owners on other adventures: people enjoy them for everything they are. This retro style is another appeal to buying a secondhand Beetle: whether you buy a 2019 or a 2009, they’ll look quite similar, yet they’ll never look dated.

The main differences lie within the advanced technology and features, but Beetles from the recent past still have plenty of features to keep you comfortable, entertained, and – most importantly – safe. Volkswagen understands that Beetles are compact cars, and so they designed the latest Beetle generation with high-strength steel, responsive crumple zones, and plenty of other safety features to protect the occupants in a wide range of scenarios.

Although there are still some brand-new ’19 Beetles for sale, Balise VW is sure to have used Beetles in stock for years to come. You can check out our inventory of Beetle coupe and convertibles online.