Low Credit Auto Financing Solutions

Less Than Perfect Credit Doesn’t Deter You From Getting the Financing You Need at Balise Volkswagen

Many people believe that because they have less than perfect credit, it means they can’t get the car loan they need for a new car. Here at Balise Volkswagen, we work with all customers no matter their credit score and work with them to try to get the loan they need, and behind the wheel of a new VW.

Why Do We Offer Car Loans to People with Challenged Credit?

In short, we’re understanding. We know that there are a number of situations that affect your credit, or that you’re doing your best to build credit, but it’s not a simple process. That shouldn’t keep you from being able to get a new vehicle or financing for it. We’re here to help. We offer a variety of lease and car loan options for those with credit that is less than perfect. We just want to help drivers from Warwick, Pawtucket, and Providence get a reliable vehicle, and have the plan in motion to pay for it. No tricks or gimmicks, we simply believe in helping all who are looking for a new car.

How Do We Get You the Car Lease or Loan You Need?

We have plenty of experience working with those of all credit situations, so we’re going to know how to find the solution for you. We can provide you with an auto loan that you can afford, and even help you get a loan that also helps rebuild your credit, as an auto loan can positively impact your credit score if you’re making payments on time, and that all pays off figuratively in the future. Not only are we here to help you find a new set of wheels, but also to put your finances in the right direction, too.

Credit Financing FAQ

  • Can I get a car loan with challenged credit? Challenged credit doesn’t have to deter you from buying a new vehicle. Our team is happy to work with you to find you the right auto financing option.
  • Will buying a car hurt my credit? No. When you buy a car it can actually improve your credit, especially if you make your payments on time because that shows you’re less of a risk to loan officers, which helps you in the future when you need other financing.
  • Will my interest rate be higher with lower credit? That depends. Our finance team works with many different banks and credit and financial institutions to find you the best rate possible, because that’s our goal.
  • Can I get a loan for a used car? Yes. We help finance for all vehicles, both new and used, so you can choose which type of vehicle appeals most to you.
  • Can I use my trade-in as a down payment? Yes. You can you use trade in as a down payment. But, if there is a lien on your vehicle that you’re trading in, you might have to put down additional money.
  • I’ve never had credit before. Can I get pre-approved? Yes, we’re happy to work with first-time buyers. Our finance team will help you come up with a plan that works for you.
  • What will my new monthly payments be? Your monthly payments are based on your credit and what type of car you’re buying. New, low mileage vehicles qualify for extended terms. Our finance team can give you a more accurate idea when you discuss specific models with them.
  • What are the next steps? You can apply for credit on our website, and one of our finance team members will contact you and discuss all the options you have, and work to help you find the best terms possible.

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