Why Lease a Volkswagen

Why Lease a Volkswagen?

Why Lease a VW?

How to pay for a vehicle is as personal a decision as which model to buy. There are several options: some people pay cash, many finance a purchase over several years, and others choose to lease. It all depends on the individual’s preference to own or not, their financial situation, and what they’re looking for in a car’s features.

Leasing can make great sense for anyone whose financial situation might keep them from purchasing a car, either because they can’t get approved for financing or they need to limit their monthly expenses. A monthly lease payment is generally less than the monthly payment on a financed car with a similar amount put down. Car manufacturers and dealerships routinely run special promotions on leases, with attractive incentives that can translate to big savings.

More Money in Your Pocket

Every new car starts to depreciate immediately, but this depreciation happens differently with buying versus leasing. On a financed car, the buyer covers the entire sticker price of the vehicle – just over a longer term than with leasing – at the onset. With a lease, the depreciation is absorbed across all payments in the contract term (usually two or three years).

When you lease, you will most likely have to put some money down, but that amount can be significantly lower than what the average person who finances a car places as a down payment. A car purchaser also must pay sales tax on the entire agreed-upon price, where a lessee pays tax only on their monthly payment. In most cases, leasing means more money stays in your checking account from month to month than if you were to purchase that same car. And, should you happen to be a business owner and use your leased car in that business, your lease payment may be partially deductible. Your professional tax adviser can tell you for sure.

More Car for Your Money?

Another reason why you should consider a lease on a VW is that you may be able to afford a more expensive car with more bells and whistles than you could if you were financing. You can also keep yourself behind the wheel of a new to almost new car indefinitely, starting over with a brand-new car every lease term, for as long as you choose to lease. Always having a well-equipped vehicle with the latest technological advances appeals to a great many drivers. And when the term is up, the lessee simply returns the car, rather than having to arrange to sell it as they would if they owned it.

So, why lease a VW? Because leasing may be the best solution for you. The excellent financing team at Balise Volkswagen would be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through your options. Call 888-589-0996 or visit Balise VW in West Warwick today.